Lash Tweezers & Applicator



 Everything you need to know: 

  • Can be used to help you wear on or take off false eyelashes, or help you adjust or repair your false eyelashes.
  • This false eyelashes clip can be used to apply and remove regular false lashes, single lashes and magnetic lashes. No matter what kind of lash extension you prefer to use, these false eye lash tweezers will be compatible. It can also be used as a regular tweezers to shape your eyebrows and remove other facial hair.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Improved tweezers are made of premium heavy-duty stainless steel of high quality that durable and easy to clean, You will never need another pair of tweezers.
  • CLEARER, SMOOTHER BEAUTIFUL SKIN –Our tweezer aim at reducing irritation and redness by cleanly plucking without tugging at tender skin. Perfectly calibrated tension for more control and a stress free tweezing ritual.
  • ERFECT GIFT FOR LOVER – SPLENDID GIFT - The slanted tweezers are a perfect gift. Our eyebrow tweezer is a reliable beauty tool for your loved one. Gift them with a pair of eyebrow plucking tweezers NOW
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